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  A week after ending the spring semester I am back in class! I am really excited and (I’ll admit) intimidated, to be taking Web Design. Before taking this class I had heard about Web Standards and Accessibility, but other than knowing that they were good & important I was in the dark on what […]

Take Root


MARCH 20, 2008 TAKE ROOT PROJECT SYNOPSIS For the past 2 ½ months our class has been intently focused on the Take Root project. Take Root is a non-profit organization formed by a local leadership class seeking to raise funds to plant trees in downtown Chattanooga. For many of us this was our first opportunity […]



Creating my own personal brand has been quite a challenge. I wanted the look and feel of the material to express who am as a designer without boxing myself into a particular look or style. I used intricate patterns in combination with bold geometric lines to reference my love for both artisan and modernist design. […]