Rebranding – Just call me Jessi



About a year ago now I took a professional practice course and was tasked with creating my own brand. The result was something like this:

Jessica Taylor Old Branding

Looking back, I still like the ideas behind the visuals, but it doesn’t fit as well as it used to. First of all, I wanted to get away from the more traditional feel of the “jt” initials and try to explore a more expressive mark. Also, I don’t like being called ‘Jessica.’ When someone calls me by my given name I either think they are talking to one of the other three Jessica’s in the room or, upon realizing they are actually talking to me,  I conjure up images of an angry version of my mother with the finger pointing and shaking and looming disciplinary action. It’s a nice name and it sounds very professional (that’s what my mom originally liked about the name, ironic that she’s the one who nicknamed me and subsequently conditioned me to not like being called by my full first name) but outside of overly formal situations, I’ve always been Jessi, so. . . just call me Jessi.

Here is my new branding:

Jessi Taylor New Logo h

business card

With this new look I wanted to highlight an element that is central to my design aesthetic: color! I love vibrant colors and I used a range of warm jewel tones to keep the brand happy and open. The structure of the mark also empathizes the coming together of two contrasting sides, this is a reference to that place that graphic designers often find themselves struggling between creativity and practicality. I think both sides often make valid arguments. Creativity is the spark that provides interest and excitement to any design, but practicality is the glue that holds it all together and gives creativity purpose and direction. As is implied in the positioning of the mark, the key to the struggle is to keep both opposing forces working together and in balance with each other.

Look for the launch of my new web site on April 9th at


One Response to “Rebranding – Just call me Jessi”

  1. well done! looking forward to the site.

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