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Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Senior Show at UTC Tuesday night. Your support of the show means a lot to our class. For all of you that couldn’t make it out, I thought I would post some images of how the show turned out. There is more to see than what […]

A few people have mentioned that they would have liked to have seen my presentation of Conflicted. So here are a few of my more explanatory slides and my complete artist’s statement for you to view at your convenience. Conflicted Everyday we make inconsequential choices: milk or orange juice? black shoes or brown shoes? Usually […]

I know there are several of you who can’t make it to the show before the work is taken down on April 28th. So, here are some images of the completed sculpture. Enjoy!

Here is a hint of the mixed media sculpture that I’m showing tomorrow night at the Cress Gallery of Art at UTC and a sample from my Artist Statement: This sculpture is a physical representation of an internal conflict. The ring of ivy represents a need for simplicity, a pared down existence outside of obligation. […]

There has been a lot of activity in the last 36 hours revolving around the Cress Gallery of Art at UTC (The Univeristy of Tennessee at Chattanooga). It’s nearly time for the opening of the second installment of the Senior Exhibition, which means, tomorrow night is my big night! April 14th at 5:30 PM, I […]

In my previous post on the WaSP InterAct project I talked specifically about my branding for the InterAct Curriculum, but I did not get into the specifics of the actual functioning of the Curriculum. The broad view is that the WaSP InterAct Curriculum framework is a living Curriculum designed for collegiate level professors to use […]

WaSP InterAct


I love being a designer. I like the challenge of putting together a visual puzzle and creating a cohesive whole out of a tangle of assorted elements. In varying degrees, all design projects present these opportunities. But some projects offer more than just the fun of assembling an aesthetically pleasing design. The WaSP InterAct project […]