Conflicted, Senior Thesis III


Conflicted, detail image

A few people have mentioned that they would have liked to have seen my presentation of Conflicted. So here are a few of my more explanatory slides and my complete artist’s statement for you to view at your convenience.


Everyday we make inconsequential choices: milk or orange juice? black shoes or brown shoes? Usually these split second decisions can be made with little hesitation.

However, some choices can be conflicting. These choices require something from us. They necessitate a commitment of our time, our finances or our intelligence. Commitments come in many forms by way of family, friends, faith, health, business, school or recreation. How do you determine your commitments? When should you say yes? When should you say no? The answer will vary as often as you ask the question.

However, each commitment a person chooses to make or chooses not to make will take them in one of two directions. The first direction is one of simplification, and the second is one of complication. The outcome of either direction can be positive or negative. This is entirely dependent on the person making the decision.

For myself, these types of decisions can lead to a lengthy mental struggle. A struggle between my social side that needs to be dependable and productive and my melancholy side which craves solitude and stillness. I could not exclude one side anymore than I could survive in complete isolation or thrive under a constant onslaught of pressure to perform.

This sculpture is a physical representation of an internal conflict. The ring of ivy represents a need for simplicity, a pared down existence outside of obligation. Ivy is a simple plant to maintain. It is a quiet natural element that needs only basic nutrition to grow and a temperate environment to thrive. In contrast, the composition of acrylic rectangles represents the complexity that results from multiple commitments. This juxtaposition of natural and synthetic elements speaks to a need for balance and perhaps, at least in my circumstance, the need for conflict to create balance.

The Process - Conflicted

Thanks - Conflicted


One Response to “Conflicted, Senior Thesis III”

  1. Awesome work at your portfolio show. Love your business card design.

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