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Our class recently was given the opportunity to tour the National Print Group/Retail Merchandising Group in downtown Chattanooga. After touring a newspaper press that was all about timeliness, it was interesting to see the NPG/RMG presses that are all about quality control. The equipment they have housed throughout their campus of buildings is stagaring itself but the output […]

  This project gave the class a chance to familarize ourselves with working in grayscale, duotones and halftones in order to give an image a specific emotion. I used a soft color palette of yellow and purple tones to enhance the feeling of clam to a photo I took of a sunset. With each successive image I tried to […]

      The most recent visiting artists that came to UTC took some time to talk with our class and discuss their ideas and methods. The non-traditional mediums used by these artists provided a new and interesting context for our class discussion with Mark, Disney and Ryan. I was inspired by their exploration into […]

Frank Anthony, an executive at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, was a very enthusiastic guide for our tour through the facility. The historic building housing the staff and press is full of interesting architecture and has been beautifully maintained. The press itself was a very impressive flexography printer that was truly stunning to watch in […]

  Our class entered an international contest held by Freitag, to design a truck tarp around the idea of transit keeping in mind that, after five years of use, the tarp would be recycled into shoulder bags.  I approached this project with the idea that transit is universal.  Thus, transit is international and something that we all have in common.  I portrayed this idea by […]